Image Credit: John Sommers II/Icon SMI

Quick, before the paperwork gets filed! Before that final document from the NFL gets notarized- RUN CED BEN, RUN! UNITL YOU HAVE A HEART ATTACK!! And against the Colts porous run defense, now is the time.

The Colts are giving up 145 yards per game which is the second most in the league. Not coincidentally as a result of their weakness against the run, the Colts have had the most rushing attempts against them. Also, there are only three other teams that have given up more than the six rushing TDs the Colts have allowed thru five games. RUN CED BEN, WHILE YOU’RE STILL FREE!!

Another reason the Bengals should win this game and ride Ced Ben until his legs fall off is because the Bengals should be able to push the Colts around on defense. The Colts offense is second worst in the NFL yardage wise, while the Bengals defense is #1, giving up the least amount of yards thus far.

Colts QB’s have thrown exactly one INT this season, the lowest amount in the league. The Bengals D conversely, has only intercepted one pass this season, the lowest amount in the league—something has to give in this department. And whichever way it tips could be a deciding factor in this game, as turnovers usually are.

If the Bengals want to win it comes down to one thing and one thing only- WORKING CEDRIC BENSON LIKE HUGH JACKMAN WORKS ROBOTS IN REAL STEEL!!