Sure, many of today’s youth only know Boomer Esiason as an NFL broadcaster and many of the rest of us may not remember how great of a pro QB he actually was, thanks to the passage of time. But even if you just go by the numbers, his greatness cannot be disputed.

In 14 years as an NFL QB, Esiason accumulated the 15th most passing TD in NFL history (247), the 14th most passing yards in NFL history (37,920) and the 12th most total yards (37,080) in NFL history.

He was a four time Pro Bowl selection, 1988 NFL MVP and the 1995 NFL Man of the Year. He accumulated six years of 3,300+ yards passing and five years of 24+ TD.

Boomer’s smooth left handed delivery and even smoother flowing blonde mane personified an era of Bengals football that was amongst the most successful periods in Bengals franchise history.

Speaking of Bengals franchise history, where does he stack up? He has the second most passing yards in Bengals history behind Ken Anderson (32,838 vs. 27,149), second most passing TDs behind Anderson (197 vs. 187) but he played in 58 less games. Esiason is also the only QB to lead a Bengals team to the Super Bowl, other than Ken Anderson who did it twice.

Esiason was one of the best QB’s ever when the game was on the line and came down to a final drive. He is the franchises’ all-time leader in fourth quarter comebacks (16 to Anderson’s 10) and game winning drives (22 vs. 14).

So who is the best QB in Bengals history- Ken Anderson or Boomer Esiason?