Image Credit: John Sommers II/Icon SMI

On Saturday, the Bengals finally released Jordan Palmer, twin brother of Carson. Of course there will be some Bengals fans who read more into his release, claiming that this is some kind of slight against his brother Carson in his ongoing war with the Bengals.

But the truth is, Jordan Palmer just isn’t that good in the first place and should’ve never been on the roster this long. Initially drafted in 2007 by the Washington Redskins he had five years to improve and never did- of his 15 career pass attempts, two were intercepted. He had a QB Rating of 34.4.

It’s actually pretty amazing that he came out of the same mom as his brother, considering the lack of skill, yet same measurables (6-5, 232) that scouts drool over. But there is at least one man who can empathize with Jordan Palmer’s perfect genetic combination yet lack of overall skill; career minor league baseball player Ozzie Canseco. Ozzie, the twin brother of infamous slugger Jose, had a 15 year minor league career and appeared in 24 major league games but just wasn’t as good as his brother. 

The coolest thing about Ozzie is that his likeness to Jose not only garnered him more MLB employment opportunities than he would’ve gotten on his own, but he would get side jobs by showing up as “Jose” at autograph signings and card shows.

There’s something to look forward to, Jordan!