Image Credit: Wolfm49

1. Cedric Benson will be a workhorse

With a rookie QB, rookie #1 WR and the rest of the offense consisting mainly of second year players, Benson is sure to see a ton of carries this year. If Benson is getting 25-30 carries a game, it’s a safe bet the Bengals are winning.

2. The defense needs to force turnovers

The Bengals defense had three fumble recoveries and no interceptions in the preseason, while Bengals QB’s themselves threw six interceptions. For an offense loaded with youth and inexperience, the defense has to force turnovers to keep pace with an offense that will likely be mistake prone at times.

3. Execution on offense is priority #1

If the offense can’t avoid turnovers early in games, the Bengals just aren’t built to recover from early deficits. The first two preseason games showed us what will happen if this isn’t avoided.

4. The Carson Palmer Situation is what it is

And no one is really sure of what it is, other than he isn’t playing for the Bengals this year. All we can do is hope that Mike Brown doesn’t go entirely AJ Smith on everyone’s ass, letting him sit there all year and getting nothing for him.

5. The Bengals are not the worst team in the NFL

By dominating the Panthers in the preseason (where their starts played almost three full quarters), the Bengals proved they are better than at least one team. For a team that lost several key offensive components, there is still reason for optimism.